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Let’s focus.

You have ideas that become projects that become products that – hopefully – become success stories.

It can be terrifying.
It can be fun.

But if you do it right, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for anything else.

And that is why you put your trust in experts. People who do have the time to think about the perfect curry for hungry employees, the best packaging for an oddly-shaped product, the ruthlessly minified CSS for absurdly fast web sites, the proper body font and line length for a 120 page product manual and the correct French translation for “dual diaphragm microphone.” Because their heart is in that kind of thing.

Everybody wins.
Nobody goes home hungry.

A Mastering Studio for your Words

Think of as us as a mastering studio for your product manuals and web content. You bring in an amazing master tape. We fix technical issues, get rid of the noise, bring out the strengths.

You need a waterproof master document for translations?

You got it.

You want a market-friendly “single” – i.e. a lightweight version of a verbose manual?

No problem.

How about remixes – ten variations of a brochure with slightly different data and product names, translated to four Eastern European languages and Korean before Thursday?


All this is made possible by single source publishing tools, a cloud-based translation platform and some nice tricks we have learned over the past 25 years.

But in the end, the secret sauce in our products is the same as in yours: focus.

Spin Top

In a nutshell: the things we do, the brands we have been working for, the “what” and “how” and everything else. Read on.